And because of this — how could you possibly teach art?

First of all, I would have to disagree with you feeling like you’re not an artist. Perhaps you’ve never developed the skills for realistic drawing and painting… but being an artist is so much more than that. Maybe you’re a fabulous cook, or you enjoy taking photographs, or you’re the best, most creative lesson planner in your district. These things are all forms of art — thereby making you an artist. So expanding your definition of what constitutes an “artist” and an “art experience” is a good place to begin.

Now back to the often heard, “I can’t teach art because I’m not artistic/creative”, etc. I believe when teachers say this, they envision that an “art teacher” must be able to create art in front of their students in order to show/teach them how to do it. Here’s a little secret: that’s not necessary! In fact, I would argue, it’s not even the preferred method of teaching art. After years of teaching art to children and adults, I can honestly say that I’ve never “done” a drawing/painting or any finished artwork for — or in front of — any of my students students. The reasons for this are many, and I’ll talk about them in a future post, but for now, here’s the main point of this blog:

You don’t have to “perform” for your students in order for them to have exciting, meaningful art experiences in your classroom!

So if you’re a teacher who can imagine the enormous benefits of adding art to your current curriculum, but you’ve been too intimidated to try — this blog is the place for you! I plan to give you lots of encouragement and easy, practical tips for adding art to your classroom no matter what art experiences you’ve had — or not had. Once you see how easily art can be added to lessons you’re already teaching, you will love how it increases student motivation and engagement, improves behavior (Yes, behavior!), and creates a more vibrant learning environment in your classroom.

While you’re here, and feeling some new found confidence about your ability to teach art, why not click on over to my “courses for credit” page or click directly on the Fresno Pacific University link and explore the courses I offer there. Each has been designed for the teacher with little or no art experience, and all are packed with lessons immediately ready for classroom use. Thanks for stopping by… and come back again soon.