Jill Faison November 2017 SmallIt could be said that Jill Gomas Faison was destined to become an art teacher from the moment she picked up her first crayon.

Jill’s father, Ralph Gomas — a life-long art educator who understood the powerful impact art experiences could have on a young person — made sure there were always plenty of art materials around the house for she and her little sister to explore.

Jill’s “formal” art training came in the form of a BA in Advertising Design — followed by ten years of working as a graphic designer. Ready for a change, Jill returned to school to earn her teaching credential — teaching first in an elementary school classroom, and then in a secondary art classroom.

Being strongly influenced by her Dad while he taught Professional Development art classes, Jill saw that “teaching teachers” how to teach art to their own students, impacted a far greater number of children than she could ever reach in her classroom alone. Earning her Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Teaching made it possible for Jill to assist her father in teaching these empowering — and very popular — Professional Development courses. Since Ralph’s passing, Jill continues to “teach teachers” — regardless of their art background — how easy it is to bring the joy and power of art to their students by connecting it to their required classroom curriculum.