It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall here in Northern California where I live. Finally! If leaves are changing and dropping where you live, this is a perfect time to collect a few and introduce your students to the idea of texture rubbings.

After almost 20 years of teaching, I’m constantly surprised by how many children, from first grade through high school, have NEVER created a texture rubbing! This art experience couldn’t be any easier, and the results will most certainly surprise and delight.

All you need to successfully complete this experience is some plain white copy paper, crayons (broken into small-ish chunks with their paper “labels” peeled off), and some leaves. (Of course you can do this with any small items that have an interesting texture, but it’s particularly fun with leaves this time of year.)

Place a leaf on the surface of your table or desk, then place your sheet of paper on top of that. Holding your paper firmly in place, use your crayon on its SIDE (not the point) and carefully rub the crayon over your paper. Gradually the image of your leaf will begin to appear on your paper as if by magic! No matter how many times you do this, it’s still pretty neat!

Explore layering on different colors, and using multiple leaves to create an interesting composition.


These look amazing displayed in a classroom, library, cafeteria, office or hallway. This easy art experience is a fun and exciting way to bring a little bit of fall inside. Try it! Your students will love it!

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