Welcome to my first ever blog post about art and art education!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time… it seems like the perfect compliment and support for the courses I teach through Fresno Pacific University’s Center for Professional Development. The five courses I offer there are all of the “self-directed” / “independent study” variety, which means my students and I don’t meet face-to-face as happens in a traditional classroom.

Enter my blog.

This seems like it would be an outstanding additional opportunity for my students and I to check in with each other, as well as providing a format for my students to check in and share amongst themselves.

The main thing I hope to accomplish through my teaching — and now, by extension, through this blog — is that art doesn’t have to be intimidating. Art is not “exclusive”.  Art is all around us! Art can — and should be — an important part of every child’s education. It is my hope that I can convince teachers and parents alike how easy it can be to bring art into children’s lives. The rewards of doing so can be life-changing!