This course is teaching me to better understand the value of art in the core curriculum. I love how the experiences can be used at any grade level and especially that so many of them can also be extended to language arts experiences too. I love taking a course that actually teaches you things that you can USE in the classroom!  —  Carla

I can see how (incorporating art) would benefit my students and make learning other subjects more meaningful and memorable. Using art in my core classes would be of benefit to my struggling learners.  —  Cynthia, Lebanon, OR

… a fantastic means for creative thinking and problem solving… involves higher level thinking skills.  —  Clare, Landisburg, PA

This artwork helps to reinforce the individual’s identity and self-worth. It ties the student into being a significant part of the greater society. It is a valuable exercise to stop and examine the connections [of art] to other areas of the curriculum. I truly appreciate all [Jill Gomas Faison] has put into her courses and her gracious availability when I need help or have a question.  —  Marilyn, Katy, TX